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Whatever your age Yoga can enhance your lifestyle.

Yoga has both preventative and therapeutic benefits, it has been shown to offer both physical and mental benefits to the body and mind.
Everyone can benefit from following a regular Yoga routine as it counteracts many of the problems suffered in modern day life. Asanas release the physical tensions caused by hours of sitting, deep breathing gives vitality by increasing the supply of oxygen to the brain and meditation enhances the powers of concentration. 
Yoga improves strength and flexibility in the mind as well as the body, and it aids in relaxation. Yoga can enable one to relax fully, and promotes sound sleep; it also improves digestion and stimulates circulation. It frees the practitioner both physically and mentally, often heightening intuition and creativity.
Unlike conventional forms of exercise, such as weight training, walking, biking, hiking, or some gym yoga classes, hatha yoga stresses quality of movement over quantity. A consistent hatha yoga can quiet the mind and refresh the body, bringing health, relaxation and happiness.
It can help:

  • Teenagers to keep their youthful flexibility and give them the inner strength to say no to negative influences.
  • Older people often find that gentle yoga exercises allow them to retain mobility and may relieve problems such as arthritis and poor circulation.

The many physical benefits of Hatha Yoga are improved flexibility and muscle joint mobility, strengthens, tones, and builds muscles, corrects posture, strengthens the spine, eases back pain, improves muscular skeletal conditions, such as bad knees, tight shoulders and neck, swayback and scoliosis.  It increases stamina, creates balance and grace, stimulates the glands of the endocrine system, improves digestion and elimination, increases circulation, improves heart conditions, improves breathing disorders, boosts immune response, decreases cholesterol and blood sugar levels and encourages weight loss.
The mental benefits include increasing body awareness, relieving chronic stress patterns in the body, refreshing the body by relieving muscle strain, relaxing the mind and body, centering attention and sharpening concentration while freeing the spirit.
Western doctors and scientists are discovering additional health benefits of hatha yoga. Studies have shown that it can relieve symptoms of several common and potentially life-threatening illnesses; such as arthritis, arteriosclerosis, chronic fatigue, diabetes, Aids, asthma and obesity. Many believe it even fends off the ravages of old age.
Hatha Yoga provides the means for people of any age not only to get and stay in shape but also to develop balance, coordination, and a sense of well-being.  It renews, invigorates, and heals the body- stretching and toning the muscles, joints, and spine by directing blood and oxygen to the internal organs (including the glands and nerves).