I have a passion for my practice and deliver it by helping others "fix their bodies". You need to be happy within to make others happy in your life.

Healthy Mind, Body & Soul

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I feel that to be truly happy you need to have a body, mind connection.  

I trained with my teacher Shashi Pottahil from San Diego, Ca. for almost 3 years.  He is the founder and owner of the Yoga and Meditation Center in San Diego, Ca. Shashi was born in India into a Yoga family, and has over 40 years of experience. His studio has been voted 'best in San Diego ' for multiple years. The Practice and Studies with Shashi, has enabled the learning of Classical Hatha Yoga and Yoga Philosophy including Meditation.

I started to practice yoga 19 years ago in 2002. I originally started to learn and study Yoga in hopes to help with stress management and to be able to relax more and just “let go". I teach Classical Hatha Yoga, where the focus is on breathing, poses, and relaxation.  I teach in a noncompetitive manner and encourage all who practice with me to focus and listen to their own bodies. 

I begin my teachings with a brief moment of silence to connect the body and mind, secondly teaching Pra na ya ma (breathing) in order to learn that our bodies are fully capable of getting rid of all toxins that accumulate within us daily. It is like having a pharmaceutical doctor within ourselves. I always teach how important it is to connect each movement with a breath.  
I feel that by practicing these techniques we will be stronger, healthier, and happier individuals.

I traveled to Kerala, South India in 2012-2013 with my mentor/teacher to learn more about the philosophy of yoga.

I have also trained in Tai Chi and Meditation in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

I have trained in laughter yoga with Yogi Ramesh from Palm Springs CA and am currently his student.


I encourage all my students to stretch daily even if only for a few minutes.   

I believe yoga is for everyone


Trust yourself and be true to yourself. My experience with Yoga has been life forming. Yoga is Definitely not just an exercise or postures but a life style.